Maze Of Heart

A unique way of using Kinect with your whole body

The Team

Göksu Uğur


Maria A. Montenegro


Minjong Lee


Jimin Song

Sound Designer

Haiyin Yang


Robot & Mouse

Main Characters

About The Game

This game was created with a focus on naive guests and indirect control. We were required to develop a game where even someone who is not experienced playing games can play easily and our platform was Kinect

"Maze of Heart" consists of a robot that gets its heart broken in multiple pieces. The player’s objective is to take all the heart pieces that are around the robot’s body back to its heart. The player will get help from a mouse, a friend of the robot, by indicating the player in what part of the body the pieces are. This way the player will have to move its body in multiple ways to effectively take the pieces back to the heart.